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garden design


Whether you are starting with clean palette of garden space, redesigning an existing space or simply looking for a fresh set of eyes and expertise, you will find yourself in good hands with Terra Verde Garden Design.
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Garden Design & Installation

Working with your dreams, functional needs & personal aesthetic we map out a plan for your new space: garden beds, lawn areas, containers and other landscape features. This process starts with an initial consultation followed by a preliminary drawing & custom website for you to ponder the overall design. After working out all final details a Master Plan is created and your project scheduled. Depending on the scale of the project this process can take 2-4 weeks. Installation is seasonally dependent.

Soil Health

At Terra Verde we are committed to developing healthy soil which creates lower maintenance, healthier lawns and generates lush, beautiful gardens. We start from the ground up with soil testing and necessary amendments to improve soil microbiology, texture and nutrient content. Whether we are seeding a new lawn, renovating your garden or doing standard annual maintenance your soil health is THE determining factor to your lawn and garden vitality.


We provide land care services such as spring/fall clean ups, ongoing garden & container maintenance and precision lawn cutting regardless of who installed your outdoor space.


Sometimes even the most accomplished gardeners can use an extra set of eyes. As with any service we provide, we always offer a complimentary consultation to assess your needs and budget. Beyond the initial consult you may hire our team to design plans, offer soil recommendations or maintenance suggestions at our hourly consultation rate.

garden design

As with any service we offer our goal is to foster a great relationship with you and your space so that you fall in love with your surrounding for the first time or all over again!

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