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Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn practices focus on developing and maintaining soil health through use of organic fertilizers, compost teas & when needed organic/natural pesticides. This establishes a vital community in the soil that eventually will limit the use of fertilizer and pesticides. These products are safe for animals, people and the environment.

Conventional lawn care

Currently the most widely used practice in lawn care, conventional methods include application of “Weed & Feed” and pre-emergent fertilizers, as well as, standard commercial pesticides for the treatment of weeds, fungus and lawn insects.

Service Levels

Cuts Only

Keeping it simple! Our lawn crew will edge, cut, trim and and blow off your property on a weekly basis. We offer bi-weekly service on properties with no irrigation and we promise not to cut your lawn when it truly is not necessary.

Level One

Includes Cuts Only and the application of 4-6 fertilizer treatments annually, chose organic or conventional

Level Two

Includes Cuts Only, Level One an any necessary treatments for pests throughout the season

Full Service

All of the above and annual Fall Lawn Care which might include de-thatching, spot seed, power seeding, etc. Full Service also includes the care of your garden beds and any containers on the property, this is billed on an hourly basis.


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